Mira Frenkel is a maker who loves woodworking, jewelry, tech and, honestly, the 24 other media that will be discovered in the next decade. When she's not busy making sawdust or burying her nose in a physics book, she's losing sleep planning her next three projects. She hopes to inspire young women to join the world of makers – a sphere that continues to be dominated by men.

Mira is always taking custom orders – if you want it, she'll figure out a way to make it. Take advantage of her perfectionism and email her at frenkel.mira@gmail.com.

Her Story

Mira grew up surrounded by the beautiful Sonoran desert in Tucson, Arizona. As a kid she was always taking things apart and not bothering to put them back together. When she was just 10 years old, she finally started her journey as a maker. Her father bought her a coping saw and she was hooked! Soon after, Mira attended a summer camp called Girls with Tools, where she learned the basics of woodworking and stick welding. Knowing she wanted to take a shop class in high school, Mira built sets for her school's theatre. Inspired by how much she enjoyed time in the shop but dissatisfied with the rough nature of set construction, she began pursuing woodworking on her own. Ever since, she has built projects in wood, silver, and other media. Most recently, Mira started tooling leather.

In addition to making, Mira studied physics at Columbia University in New York City. Her junior year she took time off from school to participate in Intel's televised tech competition America's Greatest Makers.

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Mira currently works as a Construction Project Manager, renovating historic brownstones in NYC.